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Your Business: What does it take to be green?

Businesses and organizations have lots of motivation to improve their waste management practices. The call for change is coming from new regulations, public expectations and an internal desire to streamline operations and boost efficiency. But how to do it and where to start?

It's an urgent question because, across the country, the cost of waste management and removal has become an increasingly important operating expense. Without a plan, businesses and organizations are at the mercy of rising fuel costs and landfill tipping fees for commercial and industrial waste. In addition, regional governments are introducing expanded landfill bans on certain recyclable materials, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment – with requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize a business's environmental footprint – means it’s critical to find cost-effective, sustainable waste management solutions and realize gains quickly.

Build an effective action plan

Greening your business involves much more than implementing a recycling program. Waste reduction is generally at the core of McMurray Environmental Solutions' action plans to accelerate the achievement of your waste management goals. Your action plan should include:

  • Tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges and internal culture of your organization, and match your resources, timelines and targets
  • An incremental approach that tackles low hanging fruit first and then gradually increases the level of commitment as successes are realized
  • Forward-thinking programs that are designed to overcome barriers and amplify the cost-saving and environmental benefits
  • Specific strategies to manage high-density waste generators and spread awareness of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) across your organization