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At McMurray Environmental Solutions, our business is resource management. Since 1978, we have provided private and public sector clients with waste management strategies that cost-effectively and sustainably meet their current and future solid waste diversion goals. We are committed to our customers, to quality service and to the environment. Specifically, McMurray Environmental Solutions is an industry leader in developing comprehensive Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Workplans that comply with external mandates, as well as internal objectives such as Sustainable Development Strategies (SDS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Learn more about our comprehensive range of services:

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Waste Audits

A Waste Audit studies how waste is generated by your organization. It is a process that includes measuring the quantity of waste that you send to landfill every year and that you divert through reduction, reuse and recycling programs. In addition to quantifying these values, McMurray Environmental Solutions analyzes your waste stream to see its precise composition and where the various waste components come from. This allows us to propose specific plans to reduce waste from the source. We set out all of our findings and recommendations in a clearly written document that complies with provincial regulations and gives you an action plan.

Waste Audit Toolkit

Murray Environmental Solutions has performed Waste Audits for more than 20 years in hundreds of facilities, and it has become increasingly clear that large organizations managing multiple facilities in various areas of the country require a consistent and standardized methodology for auditing their waste, managing resources and building a database that provides sustainability managers with an easy, workable tool for building commitment to waste diversion over time.

Often, the methodology used to gather data varies widely from facility to facility, making it difficult to accurately measure how the organization is performing as a whole. To assist waste managers, we have designed a Waste Audit Toolkit – an easy-to-use guide that provides all of the information and tools necessary to conduct a professional, comprehensive Waste Audit using internal resources or student help. The Waste Audit Toolkit is a cost-effective way to gather information effectively and can be custom-designed to meet any operational requirements or type of waste stream.

Waste Reduction Workplans

Based on the Waste Audit, which identifies the underlying reasons for waste generation and uncovers operational inefficiencies, our team puts together a Waste Reduction Workplan to give you and your Green Team a clear and logical list of next steps. The Waste Reduction Workplan addresses all aspects of your waste management program, including:

  • Your purchasing policies
  • Your relationship to suppliers and the supply chain
  • Your current waste and recycling contracts
  • Your existing waste and recycling equipment, both inside and outside your premises
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Your signage and education
  • Your lease specifications
  • Your relationship to tenants
  • Waste generated in day-to-day operations and periodic conferences, construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) projects, moves, fit-ups, etc.

Program Implementation

Not sure how to proceed after your waste audit is done? Too busy to clear the decks to implement the recommendations in your Waste Reduction Workplan? You’re not alone. McMurray Environmental is tooled up to jump in immediately to keep the momentum going and help you move quickly toward your diversion targets. We’ll recommend bins, design and print signage, meet with your tenants and vision your entire program in consultation with all stakeholders.

We’ll even work with your hauler(s) to ensure your program is the most cost effective and operationally efficient. We’ll teach you to integrate greening principles into all aspects of your day to day operations. We’re a one stop shop for all of your waste management needs!

Workshops/Speaking Engagements

Angie McMurray has significant workshop design and speaking experience and her reputation as an informed and spirited presenter have helped hundreds of clients move their organization towards leadership in business sustainability. She presents on a wide range of waste management and sustainability topics. Some examples include:

  • What to Expect from your Waste and Recycling Haulers: Partnering for Best Practices
  • Waste Audits: Defining Quality and Exceeding Internal and External Objectives
  • Effective Waste Management Planning at the Design/Build Phase: Long Term Planning to Ensure Maximum Diversion, Built in Flexibility and Cost Reduction over Time
  • Beyond the Blue Box: Applying Best Practices to ALL Waste Producing Activities
  • Food Waste Diversion in Commercial Buildings: Barriers, Opportunities and Planning
  • Tenant Engagement: A Primer for Property Managers, Be the First on your Block!

Angie’s background and extensive industry experience make her a perfect choice to engage your staff and begin to transform your organization to an award winning, “best in show” environmental leader.

Waste and Recycling Tender Preparation

The McMurray Environmental Solutions Tender Preparation model walks your organization through a logical decision-making process that focuses on key clauses and sections and then chooses the option that is most appropriate to your needs. Our goals are two-fold: to ensure that as many contractors as possible will be able to bid to make sure you receive the most cost-effective services available in your market, and to maximize the opportunity for you to obtain the disposal reporting you need to ensure accurate waste auditing and meet regulatory requirements.

We do this by explicitly managing the risk and uncertainty that often lead to higher prices. Because our background is in the waste industry, we understand the operational inefficiencies that can lead to unnecessary costs. Our waste and recycling tendering process has resulted in savings for our clients of up to 50% of their current annual fees, while providing for accurate reporting and minimizing hidden fees such as fuel and environmental surcharges.

Operational Waste Systems Analysis/Equipment

Coming from the waste industry has armed McMurray Environmental Solutions with the knowledge to effectively evaluate your current waste and recycling equipment and collection processes to minimize costs, maximize efficiency and eliminate unnecessary trips to collect materials from your loading dock.

For example, one of our longstanding property management clients reduced its waste stream so significantly that we were able to convert its garbage compactor from storing waste destined for landfill to collecting all co-mingled paper, cardboard, paper towels, paper coffee cups and mixed containers (in special non-breakable bags) together, freeing up space formerly dedicated to storing these materials separately. Now, a small waste bin collects the residual waste for landfill, and the hauler can remove all recyclables in one trip at a lower monthly cost because they have been compacted. The custodial staff love the new system as all materials are stored inside the compactor, eliminating any potential for odours and keeping the loading dock free of clutter and easy to dedicate to other functions.

Training and Education Workshops

When people don't understand the expectations of a waste diversion program, they can’t participate as fully. Topics covered in McMurray Environmental Solutions' workshops include, among others:

  • Waste Audit results – developing your goals
  • Making the most of your waste reduction opportunities at work
  • Designing award-winning waste reduction programs
  • Waste and Recycling Tender Preparation
  • Green Lease preparation
  • How to conduct a Green Move Waste Reduction in Food Services

We can custom design a training session or workshop to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Contract and Green Lease Specifications

Commercial buildings are significant consumers of energy, and generate large amounts of solid waste. Regulations dictate that owners or managers put programs in place to meet reduction targets, but it’s the tenants who ultimately generate the waste, often behind closed doors. Commercial leases rarely address shared or unilateral waste management objectives. Lease structures are typically designed so that either landlords or tenants will each sometimes have all or most of the economic incentive to cooperate or conserve, and conversely each may have little or no incentive to co-operate or conserve.

Most leases do not align the building tenant operation with emerging green standards. A Green Lease’s objective is to remove disincentives to reduce energy, water and raw material consumption and increase recycling and the use of sustainable materials in tenant improvements. It encourages sustainable practices by both the landlord and the tenant.

McMurray Environmental Solutions can help you develop Green Lease specifications that actively encourage landlords and tenants to co-operate to meet internal and external environmental goals.

CRD (Construction, Renovation and Demolition) Waste Management/Compliance Services

Industrial commercial and institutional waste, including waste generated by the construction and demolition industry, makes up the largest component of the waste stream in Ontario. Efforts in these sectors to reduce waste will therefore have the greatest impact when it comes to diverting materials away from landfill and back into the recycling stream for reuse.

A waste reduction program for CRD projects required under Regulation 102/94 has three separate components:

  1. Conduct a Waste Audit
  2. Develop a Waste Reduction Workplan targeting the waste expected to be generated as a result of the work
  3. Implement the plan

The Waste Audit and Waste Reduction Workplan must be undertaken first to ensure the framework and infrastructure are in place to capture the waste for diversion once work begins. McMurray Environmental Solutions works with project managers to ensure that waste materials are diverted during these types of projects. Our services include:

  • Preparing the waste management specifications to be included in the tender
  • Undertaking the project's Waste Audit
  • Preparing the Waste Reduction Workplan
  • Briefing the successful contractor on the expectations of the regulation and how the source separation program is to be conducted
  • Putting in place a reporting framework to document the results of the waste reduction efforts

BOMA BESt and EMS Submissions/Applications

Commercial property owners and managers in Canada have an environmental management system that can help them measure and evaluate their building’s performance against industry best practices. BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards) is a national program launched in 2005 by BOMA Canada to address an industry need for realistic standards for energy and environmental performance of existing buildings based on accurate, independently verified information.

McMurray Environmental Solutions assists clients in meeting and exceeding the BOMA BESt program standards and plays a central co-ordinating role in bringing your team together to gatherall of the data necessary to complete the submission for certification. We even prepare the submissionon your behalf. Then we work with you to identify gaps in the environmental management of a building to improve your score in time for the re-certification cycle.

Green Moves

Whether you're moving for the third time in three years or the first time in 20 years, the process generally means throwing out everything you’ve been holding onto "just in case" since the last move. As a result, a lot of waste – including reusable and recyclable office supplies and materials – ends up in landfill as a result of commercial moves. In fact, each employee generates an average of about 20 kilograms of waste each time he or she moves.

McMurray Environmental Solutions has introduced an innovative program – “Moving Green” – that provides the systems to reduce/eliminate waste from your moves. Moving Green helps you minimize your impact on the environment when you pack up this time.

Environmental Events Planning

McMurray Environmental Solutions has designed and planned environmental events for clients such as the Department of National Defence Headquarters, Health Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada and Canada Post Headquarters.

Celebrate your successes and share information with your employees and the public by planning an event with us for Earth Day or Environment Week. Whether it’s learning about wildlife in the city, managing our waste or green commuting, let us help you teach your employees to be better environmental citizens at home, at work and in your community.

McMurray Environmental Solutions plans every detail of your event, including arranging for exhibitors, set up, hospitality, security and promotion.