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The Challenge: We are all waste generators

Almost everything we purchase eventually ends up as garbage. As a result:

  • Every day in North America, we generate enough garbage to fill 70,000 garbage trucks
  • Since personal computers were introduced at work, our consumption of paper resources has increased by 1,000%
  • Millions of computers and tonnes of other electronics end up as waste each year in Canada

And we're running out of places to put our waste. Since 1978, three-quarters of the landfill sites in North America have filled to capacity and closed.

Yet, despite efforts by many individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce waste, the garbage piles continue to grow. One reason is the meteoric rise in single-use, disposable, complex packaging and other barriers to source separation.

Every business must confront these obstacles to meet internal and external waste diversion goals – including corporate greening targets and regulatory requirements. The key to doing this efficiently is to engage a consultative partner who understands the regulatory landscape and can design a realistic methodology to help you achieve your objectives.