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About Us

McMurray Environmental Solutions is a multi-disciplinary waste management consulting company with offices in Toronto and Ottawa. We offer expertise and solutions to the growing challenges businesses face daily in managing vast amounts of waste generated as a result of their day-to-day operations. For more than 30 years, we have initiated effective green programs for clients across all waste-generating sectors, including office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and manufacturers.

Our services are designed to empower our clients to interact with their supply chain in a manner that maximizes the reduction, reuse and recycling opportunities of the materials and supplies they purchase. After all, almost everything a business buys comes in some sort of packaging. We help our clients address purchasing policies, navigate relationships with suppliers and build cost-effective and strategic partnerships with haulers and other service providers. We also help them implement reduction, reuse and recycling programs, employee and tenant education, leasing specifications, green moves and equipment assessments. And we provide the leadership that is so vital in navigating a fluctuating regulatory environment.

Angie McMurray, founder and president of McMurray Environmental Solutions, has been helping business go green since 1978, when she worked on one of the first recycling programs in Canada. Having completed over 1,000 audits in the past three decades, she has the experience and know-how to find the problems, work out the right solutions and consult with managers to make sure those solutions get implemented.

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McMurray Environmental Solutions is proud to be bullfrogpowered™ with 100% green electricity and natural gas.